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Authors I Love: Chuck Palahniuk

Editor’s note: Palahniuk is pronounced PAUL-AH-NIK (Paula Nick). Chuck Palahniuk is best known as the author who wrote the book Fight Club. A movie of the same name, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, was released in 1999.  I first saw this movie about six months after the original US release and hated it.  I later [...]

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Authors I Love: Bruce Coville

The other night, I went to a bonfire. My friends and I were talking about favorite books from childhood, when one of them said, “I got to meet the author of My Teacher is an Alien once.” That, intrepid readers, would be Bruce Coville, an author I have never met, but whose books shaped my [...]

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Chip Kidd is an odd duck. You know his work, I know you do, but the work you are familiar with is not his writing. Kidd is primarily a graphic designer, and he’s designed some fairly elegant and neat book jackets. Here’s just a sampling of Kidd’s work:

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Authors I Love: A. Lee Martinez

You have probably guessed this by now, if you’ve kept up with my posts on this site: I really like monsters. I especially like monsters when you get to peek behind their mask and see humanity there; that’s sort of the whole point of monsters and creatures in literature, I think. I also really like [...]

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Authors I Love: Haruki Murakami

Some writers have a way of intellectually challenging their readers, giving their work an addictive quality that constantly introduces new ideas and leaves the reader wanting more.  Haruki Murakami is one of those writers and I seem to be dragging his work out over time in my life, never reading more than one of his [...]

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